How's The Reliability Of American Vehicles Nowadays?

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  1. cadd

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    I'm looking to purchase a new car. A new Mustang GT. I have had not so great experiences with the 3 American vehicles my family and I owned.

    1980 AMC Spirit 4sp manual.
    1989 Plymouth Voyager 5sp manual (yes, a manual gear box with 3 pedals in a minivan).

    I have to admit, I was a bit too young to drive the AMC. But I did get to drive it on its last leg when it was 15 years old. Everything was falling apart by then. Paint was pretty much brown (rust).

    The minivan started falling apart around age 10. Rust everywhere.

    Then my parents purchased Toyotas and Hondas. They were reliable. Very very reliable. Pretty much only required scheduled maintenance.

    After college, I picked up a Honda CR-V (don't ask why) that is now 16 years old and does not have a speck of rust on it. The paint isn't peeling. And it still moves around just fine.

    My other car is a 1999 Lexus GS400 that is 19 years old now. Rock freaking solid and even today, with its 300HP and 300ft/lbs, I still blow the doors off a lot 2018 cars. Not a single speck of rust. Engine is just as quiet as a brand new car. The paint is still shiny and the interior build quality puts a lot of cars to shame. 3 years ago, I drove it from NYC to SF and back.

    Of all the bikes I've owned (Honda Fireblade, Honda F4, Suzuki SV650, Harley Sportster, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Ninja 300), the only bike that gave me a headache was the Harley. Was burning oil and running rich no matter how many times I (and shops) tried to adjust the carbs. Found out the piston rings went bad.

    Well, I've always wanted a muscle/pony car every since I was a little boy. Growing up, I avoided them because of the bad taste American manufacturers left in my mouth. So, fast forward to 2018. Things gotta be a lot better right?! If you own a late model Ford, please let me know your experiences with its reliability because the Mustang's 5.0 Coyote motor is calling my name with its 460HP.
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    I don't know about late model but my 2010 F150 w/5.4l Triton is mostly good. In the 8 yrs I had it (from new), the sunroof cassette failed (apparently not used enough, $200 kit to fix vs $2000 for complete replacement), rear window blew out just by using the defrost (known issue Ford won't address but they covered half the $1200 bill) and the stock battery is terrible (I have a AGM battery now after the 2nd warrantied stock battery failed in less than 3 yrs). Interior has held up pretty well and I'm still happy with it. No rust spots or paint bubbling that I can see.

    If you do want a new Mustang GT, let me know. I have a friend that works at Ford corp and can get you an x-plan pin. Basically $100 over invoice.
  3. OP

    caddWell Known MemberMember

    Sweet! Ford is running a $2500 rebate for leftover 2017 models and $1500 rebates for 2018 models. I'm assuming those rebates would still apply with the X plan?
  4. Fashooga

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    I don't know how reliable American cars are these days. I hear good things and I hear bad things. It's one of those "you get what you paid for" type of deals.

    I'll admit...some of those Chevy Trucks and the Ford Explorer are nice looking though.
  5. DarkOne

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    Yes, you should still be eligible for any current rebates on top of the x-plan pricing. If the dealer doesn't honor the rebates, find another one that's not greedy.

    The x-plan will give you $100 under invoice but will charge you $200 for document fees so basically $100 over invoice. It is possible to do better than the x-plan price but it's painless and no ****. You have a better chance with cars that are in stock.
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    Can i just say, lol on a fish forum! But i guess you never know who else knows about cars here...
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    I'm a huge car guy and used to track my M3 years ago. I also did a ton of autocrosses (timed course in a huge parking lot).

    I've been looking for an American vehicle for 10 yrs prior to buying my F150. Most still had plastic-y interiors and looked cheap and I was never inspiried to pick one over a German or Japanese vehicle (Sadly no Italian marques :(). I had a 4Runner before and I was racing enduros at the time and was tired of pulling out my trailer every weekend to tow my bike (or bikes with friends). A pick up would be much more convenient. I got a great deal on a leftover '10.


  8. 86 ssinit

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    Well everybody has one. Do you want to be just another me to. Watch mustangs leaving cars and coffee on utube. That could be you. Big thing about American cars and I hate to say it BUT there worthless 8-10 yrs down the road.i bought new a 2001 Monte Carlo SS and babied it for 8 years 30k on it. Went to trade it in and they offered me 3500 more for my sons 99 Camry with 115k on it.
    Want a fun car WRX. 3933DDC5-8C79-4E64-97D0-1AE6A6C59BDC.jpeg
  9. DarkOne

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    Heh. I have another friend that works for Subaru corp and can get you a friends and family deal :).
  10. dwarfpufferlover

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  11. DarkOne

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    That sucks! My 4runner was pretty good. I was going to buy my F150 a year earlier but they only offered $13k for my 4runner and then I had an unplanned $50k expense so I held off buying the truck for a year. I got $17k for my 4runner a year later :).

  12. OP

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    The wrx/FA20 motor is a great car. That's a 2015 with the 17s right? As a matter of fact, I almost pulled the trigger last year. I got special subaru pricing from a forum. It was under invoice. I asked for floor mats and the homelink mirror to be thrown in. No go they said. Floor mats were OK, but they had to charge me for the mirror.

    The ONLY reason I didn't get it was that I really wanted a 5 door. I just don't understand why they chose to get rid of the 5 door for the current gen.

    Obviously I couldn't buy a used one. First, they hold their values really really really really well. I see 2015 models going for $24k when msrp is $26k. Second, I was afraid the previous owner beat the **** out of it or raced it. It's ok if people run their cars hard after it's fully warmed up to operating temps, but I know people will hammer the car after only driving it a mile or two. With FI motors, you gotta let the car cool down from a hard run before you shut it off. I bet most folks don't do that. And finally, I'm not a huge fan of direct injection (only) setups. Yes, they make more power and are more fuel efficient, but their design doesn't bring me comfort for longevity. No fuel (solvent) gets flown over the top of the intake valves before being sucked into the cylinders. That means the top of the valves will be forever dry and eventually be dirty as **** from carbon buildup.

    I don't know why more manufacturers don't do both direct and port injection (I know most Lexus and Toyotas do), but is it cost savings? The carbon buildup on the valves must be horrendous after 50 - 60k miles. And with turbo'ed motors, it's even worse.

    Yes, the wrx is fast. Yes, it handles great. But quite honestly, even though the twin scroll turbo pretty much eliminates turbo lag and peak rpm hits at a ridiculous low rpm, there really isn't replacement for displacement. Maybe I'm just used to driving with a v8. But I enjoy the instant torque I get no matter what gear I'm in. That's the only reason I want another v8 N/A motor.

    PS - I'll never be one of those guys at cars & coffee. Not dumb enough to hammer it with traction control off making a turn. And I'll try my best avoiding big crowds. I think the current gen is much better than all previous gens. Finally got rid of the solid axle. Hopefully that'll help owners avoid crowds more.

    And I don't know about where you're located....but in NY/NJ, I see more wrx around than mustangs. Well, I don't count the ecoboost 4 or V6 mustangs. Those are the same as the impreza to my eyes. And there are definitely more imprezas than the smaller engined mustangs around.

    By the way, you guys own(ed) some great vehicles. The E46 M3 had always been a dream of mine to own back in the day.
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  13. DarkOne

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    I had an E36 so the E46 seemed like a pig to me. The SMG was pretty cool for track days but silly for a road car.

    I drove a IRS Mustang (2015?) and it handled pretty well but I didn't really push it hard since it wasn't my car.

    Why not a used Porsche? 911 or Cayman is about the same price but better quality and performance.
  14. MissRuthless

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    American cars are trash! They don't call them chevrolegs and found on road dead for nothing! And as someone mentioned already, most don't hold value at all - not like a well cared for Asian car would.

    You sound like you already know what's up deep down. Just get another Honda. There's nothing like a Honda for reliability (and easy work & cheap parts when something does break). My 2000 civic is my baby, I just brought it in for a new clutch, throwout bearing and I'm putting in a short throw just because, but I haven't had to put work into it other than fluids and tuneups in 4-5 years. The newer ones are reeeeeally nice too. Toyotas, some newer Hyundais and Subarus are also decent. I will NEVER, as long as I am alive and driving, spend my money on another American car or any car with an automatic transmission.
  15. dwarfpufferlover

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    @DarkOne it was going on 200k, and went through both my brother and I learning to drive.

    Never thought it would die on the side of the highway.
  16. DarkOne

    DarkOneFishlore VIPMember

    Tell us how you really feel. Don't be shy :p

    I traded mine in after 6.5 yrs and 68k miles. Tire tread started to get thin so it was get new tires or a new truck. :)
  17. 86 ssinit

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    Well I guess if you don’t count the 4 and 6s there only 2 or 3 on a block :) :). But only a true mustang fan knows the difference :).I’m on Long Island and no I see 10 mustangs and 20 challengers to ever subbie. There a new gen WRX and I don’t see them raced like the old ones. Even the STI owners are much calmer. I have many more people want to race me in the Porsche than the WRX. There are allways the few that will race or DE them but most are just daily drivers.
    Are you looking for a toy or a DD. That’s what it comes down to. Unforunatly they make 20-30 mustangs to each WRX. That’s why 8-10 yrs down the line there worthless. Yes the independent rear suspension should make a huge difference. But in 8 yrs you should be able to find someone’s garage kept low miles 8cyl. Mustang for a great price. So sell the WRX buy the mustang and with the left over maybe buy a used 6 cyl challenger for a DD. . Good luck!!
  18. MissRuthless

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    Aaahahahaha!!, but seriously. I've always been poor and never had more than a grand or so to spend on a car, so I've had sooo many terrible American heaps of junk in my life - a ten year old Honda or Toyota in good shape will run you $2000+ but a ten year old ford or chevy can be had for as little as $500. The first time I got my own tax return (ex husband scammed me for years while I worked off the books so I never got one back then) I spent $2000 on a dodge caravan in very good condition. I know cars and also took my mechanic to see it before buying. I don't beat on my vehicles. That thing went to the junkyard TWO YEARS later.

    I currently have my 2000 Civic DX, and a 2001 Tiburon. Both have been great, I'm going on 5 years with the Civic and just now replacing the clutch. Last weekend I drove the Tiburon from Maine to Washington DC, then Baltimore, then around NYC for a few days then home - about 1400 miles over four days. In the last hundred miles or so I noticed a small tick and it started to run a bit hot. I lost my mind thinking it had to be a blown head gasket and the car was done - BUT a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil confirmed it was just a loose lifter spring and it sorted itself right out. Yup, I love my Asian cars! :D
  19. DarkOne

    DarkOneFishlore VIPMember

    I think we can generally agree that older American cars (before 2005-ish) aren't very reliable for the most part. The Caravan is a rolling POS up until recently and still not that great. Most of the recent American cars built within the last 5 yrs or so have been much better in both styling and reliability.

    On the flip side, a lot of japanese cars haven't kept up with their reputation. Toyota and Hyundai (Korean) are probably the most reliable with Honda and Kia close behind them. Nissan had a bad few years but have been coming back though I wouldn't buy one (maybe a GT-R).

    I tend to keep my vehicles for a long time so I buy new but if you like trying out different cars every few years, I highly recommend buying slightly used and save on depreciation. Some vehicles hold their value well so it sometimes makes sense to buy new if you're set on that specific model.
  20. Ohio Mark

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    My American vehicle. Low miles, one owner, great mileage, American made and VERY reliable.
    Barn 4.jpg
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