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    This looks like a good place to ask questions. I have 2 - 30 gallon & 1 - 10 gallon quaretine tank at home and another 30 gallon at work. I have 4 parrots, 3 angles, 1 huge oscar, 4 silver dollars, 1 borneo bleco, 1 albino pleco, 1 rubber lip pleco and msc. I have had undergravel filters for 20 years and have been researching bio-wheels because I am tired of never getting all the dirt out of my rocks. Besides it makes sense to get dirt out of the tank instead of intentionally trapping it in the rocks inside the tank. Looking forward to discussing fish here.
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    Welcome to fishLore - Welcome to Fish Lore
    we're so glad you stopped by, if you ever need anything just give a yell. With the experience you have you might even answer some questions for us. ;)
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    On the subject of BioWheels, I have one and I LOVE IT. It is so easy to maintain after the initial cycling period. That can be a little wearing, it takes about 4 weeks or so; but once that is over the changes of filters is a snap and you never have to worry about losing all your good bacteria unless you put the wrong thing in your water.

    I would HIGHLY recommend them.! Welcome to the site. It is good to have you here.


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    hi parrothead,we have 2 things in common...oscars and parroyfish. i have 1 and 1.have them in a 29gal, tank im needing a bigger tank soon(new to this hobby, i didnt know theyd grow so much).you say your oscar is huge? tank size? any problems with him yet? is the parrot with the oscar? im asking cause im new to this hobby,and having a few problems with these huge fish. :-\