Hi All - Over the past few months I've been getting in to the fishkeeping hobby. When searching the web the best advice often came from this forum so I thought I'd register.

I have two planted tanks. 29 gallon, and a 20 gallon which acts as sort of a quarantine, but it's really just another cool planted tank.

In my 29 gallon I'll have 6 cory's (have three now), 6 oto's (have 3 now), 2 German Blue Rams (have those), an assassin snail (have him) 3 guppies and a school of 6 harlequin raspbora's.
In my 20 gallon I have 6 danio's which I'll bump up to 10 and add some snails.

Everything's been smooth so far with a fast cycle and successfully keeping 13 of first 14 introduced fish alive. The one that passed was accidentally dropped on the floor by me (an oto) who I thought was dropped in the tank. I haven't counted the German Blue Rams in my count as they just got dropped in this week and aren't doing well at all. They went upside down just in the car ride home and after a 2.5 hour acclimation period that took them 60-90 minutes just to upright themselves, the girl hasn't eaten and the boy looks like he developed popeye overnight... My 20 gallon acts as a QT so the boy will be moving over today and getting antibiotics.

My water is hard and PH at 7.8-8.0 and I'm trying to find fish that will survive well in my existing conditions and the German Blue Rams may not be the right fish. Hopefully I can keep them going though. They are really neat fish.


Hi and welcome Roboto

I have similar water and am on a similar quest to find the fish that will survive the best and be the easiest to care for in my water. Following is my current thread on the subject. I have gotten lots of great comments from people much more experienced than I.

Soft water fish in hard water | Aquarium Stocking Questions 452942

I had an experience with Corydora catfish that sounds a little similar to your German Blue Ram experience. Mine did fine on the way home. I did a one hour acclimation. Within three days, four were dead. Two more have since died. I am down to two. I told my LFS that my water had PH 8.2, they said theirs was 7.8 so the Cories should be fine. Not sure the water was the issue, but I want to understand better.

I am looking to get some more Cories. I have found another source with water that has PH between 7 and 7.4. They also say the Cories should be fine in my water. I spoke to a German Blue Ram dealer who said they would probably be okay, but he wanted me to test total dissolved solids first. I have GH and KH that is between 7 and 8 degrees.

Anyway, I am a newbie. You will hear from more experienced fish keepers than me.


Welcome. I haven't kept the German Blue Rams, but have read a good bit about them, and everything I've read says they wont' do well with temperatures under 82°, and 84° is better. Not many other commonly available fish thrive in those high temperatures. Cardinal tetras are one that will, and I believe sterbai corydorus will also. What kind of corys do you have now?
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I've read about the difficulty of cory's and didn't expect to have all three that I started with but we're on week 3, they eat a ton and I'm going to add 3 more from the same shop.

With the rams, someone in another thread mentioned that they're bolivians as I posted a photo. haha. I couldn't remember what the shop guy said and pretty sure I saw it say "german blue ram" on the tank. The bolivian makes more sense for my water and other fish, so that's a bonus. So I'm bumping my tank temp down to 76 over the next few days to make everyone happier. Cories won't enjoy 80.

Neither rams did well on the car ride home. Both were upside down in the bag gasping and barely holding on. I got a drip going in to their water right when I got home and after an hour they uprighted themselves. I kept adding my tank water for the next hour before netting them and putting them in my tank. I'm really quite surprised they're still alive.

Thanks for the input!


Keep sharing. Lots of very knowledgeable people on this site who are very generous with their time and expertise.

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