So I have a community tank. All my fish were tiny guys when I got them. They are 2 years old now. I kinda put a bunch of fish together to see what would happen. I didnt expect everyone to thrive but they are. I have 3 jack Dempsey 2 convict 1 fire mouth 1 blue acara 2 striped Rafael catfish 3 blue guarmies 3 rosebaras and 1 golden dojo loach. Everyone gets along except one of the Jack's seems to get picked on. It will be moving to a new tank soon. It is the lighter one. The other 2 have always been dark since they were small. I do not know the sex of them and when I think I do I read something different . Maybe you can help. I just moved and just set my tank so they are a little shy from the move. I hope these pictures are good


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