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    Top of the morning to everyone. I started my fish madness last Sept., and have become somewhat addicted. My boss was tired of his 90 gallon tank(he had it serviced 1 a week), so he said if I could move it, it was mine! He didnt have a lot going on, two large TX holy rocks, gravel/plants, and a TON of Red Zebras. I ripped most of it out and started over. Now I know that I have some fellers together that your not 'supposed' to have, and there are some Africans in with some South Americans, but all seems well and they have all pretty much been together since 09\09. When some of em outgrow my space, there is a local fish store that services tanks and will buy livestock back for great prices if its a good lookin fish.

    Ive had a itchin to get the large rock in the middle out since it was taking up weight and space that I needed for some extra caves, and I wanted to put something under my gravel so my rocks could sit on something other than the glass(used a fluorescent light diffuser). So the pics below are no longer whats 'doin' in my tank. Ill get new ones up this afternoon after the filter has cleaned everything back up.

    What do you guys think? Im a noob to the fish world, doing my homework and using the search function to try to learn....the one thing I think I have picked up on the most is there are prolly 10,000 ways to 'skin a cat' and everyone has their version of what is 'right.' That being said I am always up for suggestions and or other knowledge, tidbits, what-haves-you and what-nots!


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  2. bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to Fishlore! Beautiful tank and fish.
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    welcome. :)
  4. Hey, welcome.

    Nice looking tank and fish !!!
  5. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!!
    I think the 'old' tank looks great!
    A lot of people use the plastic egg crates for the rocks to sit on.

    You're so right about everyone's version of the right way to do things.
    Everyone has suggestions, we don't always agree, read them, research them, then choose what's right for you. :)

    Good luck!
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    Hello, Welcome to Fishlore, Very nice looking tank.:;hi2
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    welcome! nice tank!
  8. Fish_ManValued MemberMember

    Allo and welcome!
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    Welcome to FL!!! Nice tank !! What part TEJAS are you?
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    Welcome to Fishlore :)
  11. marina3Valued MemberMember

    Wow!!! Beautiful tank and fish!!! I started around the same time and the only hing I have accomplished well is to keep my 3 bettas in a divider 10 gal... puts me to shame!!! :;pumpkin
  12. MikeNTXValued MemberMember

    I really like the the plastic egg crates that I put in on Saturday! I know everyone says that rocks sitting directly on glass is fine, but Im paranoid so I changed it for my peace of mind....and so far I think they RULE! Its rare that you find a rock that sits flat with zero movement...let alone dozens to build a network of caves. I have little to zero 'rockin back and fourth' with the egg crates. I'll throw up some pics this evening of how the tank looks now....cant say that I am a big fan of my creation, so give me some feed back please all.
  13. MikeNTXValued MemberMember

    Im in Plano TX...My old stompin grounds are down in your neck of the woods. Lived in Smithville and Bastrop TX WAAAAY back in the day.
  14. navyscubaWell Known MemberMember

    Let the Force of the African Cichlids be with ya forever my Friend. ;D Nice Obliquen, Frontosa and Peacocks you got there. I have a few Hundres of them hahaha. No really, I got fish coming out of my pockets everytime I put my hand to get out something out my pockets. Welcome to Fishlore. :;th
  15. MikeNTXValued MemberMember

    When I first jumped into it and started redoing the tank, I often wondered what in the **** I had gotten myself into..but sometimes jumping in over your head is the best way to learn and get experience. It hasnt been all roses by ANY stretch of the imagination! Im shocked that more people havent commented on all the different fish I have in the mix...since some arent 'supposed' to go together...but as I stated before, everyone seems fine, and the moment someone is to big or it isnt meshing well, Ive got a great store to sell em back to!

    Best of luck with your lil fellers!
  16. GBR.MoorrreeeeValued MemberMember

    Beautiful tank. A great store for anything is Dallas North Aquaruim (I'm in Frisco). They have everything and can special order anything you need. Also, PLEASE stop talking in the acent. Its gets realy anoyying.:)
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  17. MikeNTXValued MemberMember

    I dig that store. Lots of products to choose from and a helpful staff for the most part...been steered in TOTALLY different directions by a few guys there, but I understand they are on a commission and need to bring home the bacon.

    Im an oil and gas man in the Lone Star State. Thats just how I roll my friend. I pretty much work in Frisco, my office is close to Legacy and Parkwood.
  18. GBR.MoorrreeeeValued MemberMember

    I'm in highschool so i don't work yet. (Freshman) I live off Lebanon and Legacy
  19. MikeNTXValued MemberMember

    Here is an update to what I did on Saturday. Cant say that I really like the change....its one level all the way across. Think with my next try in a month or so Im gonna try to pack it up with some rock on one side and stair-step it down. I know I want to mess with the plants and make em a little taller in the back.

    Until I got a tank, I NEVER HAD A CLUE on how much time someone can take building.....its like freakin crack man!

  20. navyscubaWell Known MemberMember

    Me been a African Cichlid Breeder and lover. I love the look of the new set up.:;perfect