How Would I Go About Changing Out A Filter Pump In An Established Tank ?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Hego_Damask, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Hego_Damask

    Hego_Damask Valued Member Member

    Hello, so, I have a 20 gallon tank with a Marineland penguin 150 bio wheel that I'm not overly fond of. I keep having issues with reduced flow, the wheel not spinning, noise, having to clean the propeller...etc. So I was thinking about switching it out with a Fluval or something like that. How exactly would I go about doing this ? Could I simply run both filters for a few weeks, then take part of the filter/wheel in the already established filter & place it in the new one, let that run for another few weeks, then eventually take out the bio wheel ? Or what ?
  2. Faris101

    Faris101 Valued Member Member

    Run both filters for a few weeks the new filter would not have beneficial bacteria which would result in an ammonia spike soon run it for a few weeks so you know the bacteria is on the new filter
  3. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Your instincts sound spot on! I'd leave the old media in for as long as possible, even if it just sits at the top of the basket of the new filter for a while, but yes, this should get a new filter established for you :)
  4. Faris101

    Faris101 Valued Member Member

    Who were you referring to?
  5. toolman

    toolman Well Known Member Member

    Hego_Damask...I agree with kuhlkid your thoughts were right on point. You got this, you know what your doing. Keeping your old media in the new filter after they have ran together will be fine.
  6. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Referring to OP in my message, but your response was just as sound!

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