How To Weigh Or Handle Your Fish?

  1. skilletlicker

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    I've had Sara and Maybelle, two fantail goldfish, since the first of February, about 3½ months. I think they were about 1½ inches long when I got them; don't know how old that is. They are healthy, happy, and growing. I carefully log their food daily and would like to keep track of their weight, but I need to find a less stressful way of doing it than catching them in 2 x 3" net. The two times they have been weighed they got so mad that they wouldn't even look at me for hours. They aren't afraid of my hand, but I don't try to touch them and, except for those two weigh-ins, I haven't tried to capture them either. Today I tried to entice them into the basket of a salad spinner using a red worm as bait but, being unfamiliar with salad spinners, they were not cooperative.

    How do you weigh your fish without annoying them?
  2. Baba

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    Sorry... But I never heard of anyone weighing their pet fish... I guess there is always the first time...
  3. Mcasella

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    You can teach them to swim into a measuring cup (clear and never used for anything else, measure the weight of the cup before water, fish. Use a specific amount of water like 1-2 cups (8-16 oz of water) and place the goldfish into the container, subtract the weight of water and cup and you will be left with the weight of the fish in oz. A standard kitchen veggie scale works (i have one that goes to 11lbs i use for shipping weights not fish). Make sure your hands are damp before handling fish.