How To Vary Fish Diet?

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by Z123Killer, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Z

    Z123Killer Well Known Member Member

    I was going to get flake food on Amazon but which should I get, there is:
    1. Tetra Min
    2. Tetra Color
    3. Tetra fin
  2. W

    WhiteCloudMinnows Valued Member Member

    What fish do you have? That can help us recommend food. I have gotten the Tetra color, but I prefer these   because they were the only flake food that I could find without food coloring.
  3. OP

    Z123Killer Well Known Member Member

    I don't have any right now but this is the stocking that I will most likely get:
    10 Cardinal tetras
    6 Guppies
    1 Dwarf Gourami
    2 German Blue Rams
    10 Sterbai Cories (For the cories I will get API bottom feeder shrimp pellets)
  4. W

    WhiteCloudMinnows Valued Member Member

    I have the API bottom feeder pellets and my shrimp will eat them. About the flakes, I would look at the reviews for all of the flakes and just see what seems like it would fit you best!
  5. OP

    Z123Killer Well Known Member Member

    The stocking I am deciding to get is:
    10 Cardinal Tetras
    10 Sterbai Corys
    3 Guppies
    2 German Blue Rams

    The food I have ordered is TetraMin flakes and API Shrimp Pellets. Am I ok with just feeding these 2 foods? If not, what other foods can I order that are not that expensive? And what are some easy DIY food options that I can make?
  6. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    I feed my fish frozen bloodworms, frozen daphnia, freeze dried tubifex, boiled egg, algae wafers, boiled peas and other vegetables, flakes and pellets. Just feeding prepared bought foods isn't great, variety is best.
  7. allllien

    allllien Well Known Member Member

    You can feed only flake food if it's good quality, it's made as a staple diet so it's all you need to feed.. however, you're fish will love it if you give them some variety and live foods every once in a while. I give mine brine shrimp on occasion and they go absolutely crazy for it :)

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