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We have a lot of threads here on FishLore with a lot of fantastic "LORE" in them. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort to find what you are looking for though. I use the search functions many times during a visit to the forum and I'm hoping others do too.

For those new to the forum or those wanting to quickly find some good info, here are some tips on how to effectively search FishLore.

Use the Built In Forum Search Feature


- You can use the text box and click the magnifying glass and it will return some decent results, though maybe too many results to be useful

- Use the search box which is the link directly under the text box to get more powerful search capabilities.

- Advanced search Tips:
  • Don't use common words or words less than 3 characters in length - it won't let you search on those. Words like "an", "the", "but", etc. Don't use those terms in the advanced search.
  • Use boolean operators
    • AND (ex. aquarium AND fish)
    • OR (ex. aquarium OR fish)
    • NOT (ex. aquarium NOT fish) or use the minus sign (-) (ex. ajax -fish)
  • Search for exact matches using quotes (ex. "aquarium fish")
  • Use the wildcard * symbol (ex. *tang) will return results with Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, etc

Unanswered Threads
Maybe you just want to find threads that haven't been answered yet? Use the Unanswered Threads drop down in the menu to search for those threads. Don't leave a fellow member hangin!


Use The Google Search Box


Many are familiar with searching on google. The difference with this box is that it ONLY searches Fishlore. It will search the ENTIRE site, not just the forum.

Google Search Tips for Searching on
  • To search for an exact word or phrase, use quotes (ex. "aquarium fish")
  • To Exclude a word, use the minus sign (ex. -tang)
  • To Include similar words (synonyms), use the tilda sign, (ex. ~tang)
  • Use the asterisk sign for a wildcard or a placeholder (ex. *tang) or (ex. feeding * discus)
  • Use the boolean OR in the word or phrase, (ex. "aquarium fish" or "tropical fish" or discus)
  • Common words like "the," "a," and "for," are usually ignored, but not always
  • Punctuation is usually ignored

General Google Search Tips
  • See this awesome page - really check this page out and remember it, you can impress your friends -

Finding the info you need in a timely manner is critical, not just with fishkeeping but sometimes in your job or in your studies. Learn how to search effectively and the internet gets a lot more fun.

Thanks for reading and searching,
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Friendly reminder everyone

And don't forget the stickies

EDIT: I particularly use the Google search features

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