How To Use A Fluval Ps2 Skimmer


I just bought a Fluval ps2 Skimmer. Was going to do a review if things went well, but there's a problem:


I put it in the corner of my 10 gallon, which is a sumpless tank. I soon realized that the skimmer tends to overflow with water other than good skimmate and it produces a lot of micro-bubbles into the tank.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong here?

BTW, I don't know how to adjust the valves or anything.

Okay, finally I know how to use this skimmer!

I just bought the Fluval PS2 protein skimmer today and so far It's working fine. BTW, this is my first skimmer, so I don't know ALL about them.

Setup was kind of a hassle. The air intake tube seemed almost impossible to put in the hole on top of the collection cup cover. I had to widen-up the hole in order to fit in the tube.

The rest of it was fine. I installed it in my 10 gallon nano reef. So far it's working good. However, it does let out some micro-bubbles into the tank, while not a thick cloud. Is this still bad, though?

Anyways, so far, it's a good buy!
First welcome to the wonderful world of skimming. Second, all protein skimmers have roughly a 10 day break in period so don't be surprised if you see more variation with it. It is a standard rite of passage for those who have them in their tanks. Third, nano-skimmers are generally marginal in terms of their usefulness (ie can be hit and miss with how well they skim), but it might be somewhat helpful for your tank. Ideally what you are looking for is a balance between not getting any skI'm at all and filling up the collection cup within a few seconds/minutes with skI'm that is barely darker than the tank water. Ideally it should be foam bubbles that eventually produces a fairly dark colored water in the collection cup. If it's really light colored then you are "skimming wet" as the saying goes, meaning you are getting more water than protein waste in your collection cup. HOB or in tank skimmers can be SUPER TOUCHY!!!!!! My old Eshoppes HOB could go from nothing to overflowing with a 1/8 inch turn on the adjustment knob and getting it dialed in took me several hours of frustration on the first day and then subsequent tweaks over the next 10 days are so (all symptoms of the break in period). The good news is that since you are planning on a good size upgrade you are learning first hand how touchy they can be and thankfully an in sump skimmer is far more forgiving (ie if it overflows it just flows into the sump instead of all over the outside of the tank.
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