How To Tell The Age Of Adfs?


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I recently got 3 ADFs from Persmart. Can anyone advise me on how to tell their age? I really just want to know whether they are juveniles or adults, because their feeding needs are different. Juveniles need to be fed daily and adults can skip a few days. Thanks!


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Well, obviously you've done your reading, so kudos!
I think the age distinction re feeding refers to a) overall size and b) development stage.
By development stage, I mean whether the frog is pre- or post-metamorphosis. Presumably, the frogs you've bought are post-metamorphic, ie they're frogs, not tadpoles. So in that sense, they're adults.
Size is less clear. I've seen frogs in lfs tanks that are adults in terms of development, but still small enough that I'd want to feed twice per day, as opposed to once.
The other important factor that comes into play would be current condition, ie weight relative to size. If the frogs are quite chubby (most lfs stock are the opposite, sadly), then regardless of size you can probably feed on alt days. But if they are skinny, and esp if they're small and skinny, then regardless of size you probably should feed at least daily if not 2x/day, until their condition improves.
Also, if your frogs are in a tank with fish, you'll need to feed daily (and probably by hand, at that), as they won't have time to eat enough to last a few days, before their tank mates eat all the food.
Final notes - how much to feed: I hand feed each of my 3 adf, pretty much daily. This way I know exactly how much each frog eats, and I know what their appetites are like as well. So I know that my male will be happy with 3 bloodworms per day, my smaller female (still bigger than the male) wants 4-5 at least, and my bigger female is on a diet and gets 2-3, maybe 4 (my frogs lay eggs, and I think the bigger female has been chowing down in the pre-dawn hours). Based on my own experience (still under a year, FYI), and what I've read/learned here and online, I feed to the point where I start to see a tummy bulge, or the frogs start to lose interest (ie if I'm waving food in front of their noses, and they're not striking, dinner's over).
So, your original question was daily or every few days, right? Assuming they're healthy and not tiny, I'd start with modest amounts daily, and if you want/need to shift to alt days over time.
Keep asking good questions!

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