How to Slow Flow

  1. dandelion Member Member

    I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on slowing or blocking the filter flow in a tank. I am planning on purchasing dwarf puffers, who prefer less water flow. Actually all fish would probably appreciate a less forceful current than what my tank has now. I have the 12 gallon nano cube tank. There is not a way to really turn down the gph, nor would I want to. However the output is very fast.

    So how should I slow it down?

    I plan on adding rock stacks in the tank to aid in hiding and such, this might help if I form it around the output flow? I would encircle it but leave plenty of space so that the water would continue to move outside of the ring. Or perhaps they make an actually object for this purpose:confused:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    I have seen some people make baffles out of plastic water bottles. If you do a google search you will likely find instructions for one.

  3. dandelion Member Member

    Hmm, I looked it up. I wonder how I could rig it to fit on the attachment. The filter is like a nozzle inside of the tank.
  4. leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    What kind/style of filter is it? Diffusion is how you do it.

  5. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    Hmmm... Well I have also used the toe end of panty hose and secure it around the filter output. Sometimes I wonder if it restricts the water flow too much, but it seems to be fine and has never disintegrated or caused debris
  6. dandelion Member Member

  7. leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    See if they make or you can adapt a "spray bar" to it. It is a long tube with multiple holes on one side. That way there are multiple smaller outputs of water you can point at the side wall or even the top of the water.

  8. dandelion Member Member

    I will see if I can find any products for it online. I could remove the nozzle and maybe attach a tube with holes in it leftswerve. If nothing else I could probably somehow rig up a water bottle and put holes in it:)
  9. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah and you can always try an empty 2 liter bottle for added length
  10. dandelion Member Member

    jhigg008 With the panty hose did you just have a single layer tied? I was thinking about trying that idea just because it is cheap and wont take up space.

  11. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    Well I have an HOB, so what I did was cut the toe end of the pantyhose and covered the top of the HOB with it. Because it was the toe end it was kind of stretch and I just pretended like the HOB was a foot and put the stocking over it lol. But yeah I just had one layer.
  12. dandelion Member Member

    I might try that next time I go out. I would assume that with that and some tall rock stacks (don't know what else to call what I am building) the flow shouldn't be too terrible. Updates coming this weekend!