How to Sex tiger barbs??

Discussion in 'Tiger Barb' started by knight fish, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. knight fishNew MemberMember

    ???can somebody tell me how to sex tiger barbs? I currently have 4 of this beauties. Do females develop a gravid spot?

    For what I'm noticing with mine is that at least two males are following another one (possibly a female) and nipping the ventral area and ventral fins.
    I believe I have 3 male tigers and one female tiger, reason I would make such guess is that I seen these 3 specific tigers flare thier fins to establish the pecking order, while the 4th one just stays out of it.
    Now, the female?? looks fat, but don't know if it is eggs or just food, the ventral area seems darker than the other 3 (gravid spot???), it seems paler too but her stripes become metallic green like the other ones when stressed by the red tailed shark, all of them have red on their fins but the female??? have less red density on the dorsal fin. oh, their sizes go between 1.75 inches to 1.5 inches long

    Does anybody have any answer to my questions? please help
  2. OsirisNew MemberMember

    My book just says that the males are smaller and thinner and more brightly colored.  My male Tetras do that flaring thing a lot also, so you are probably right about those being the males.
  3. knight fishNew MemberMember

    Appreciate ur input Osiris, that's what I've been reading as well, but my biggest tiger is a male (1.75"), very colorful u can even see a shade of black on its scales. Now, the second biggest tiger is the one that looks like a female, doesn't do the flare thing but that's where the trouble starts, she's the second biggest, maybe they haven't reached maturity, which leads to another problem, how to differentiate the males and females at the lfs before buying them???
    Anyone??? well, in the mean time I'm enjoying their gracefulness.
    and thanx in advance.
  4. EmptyHNew MemberMember

    I can't find the site where I read it, but I think the nose and mouth of the male are a redish-orange color, whereas the females don't have any special coloration on the nose and mouth. If I can find the site I will post a link.
  5. EmptyHNew MemberMember

    found it
  6. knight fishNew MemberMember

    Thanx EmptyH, that little info. is very helpful and important. If this info. is somewhat accurate, I guess I have a female and 3 males.
    She is one of the biggest tigers I got and she's always paler than the other three, while the other 3 I've seen them establishing "pecking" ranks and she just swims around them like a referee. She's not fat though, I'm gonna have to get another tank to condition her I guess. I'm gonna check the ventral fins carefully to see if she got the transparent edge.
    Once again, thanx

    I'll keep posting more details.
  7. knight fishNew MemberMember

    yep, she got the transparent edge on the ventral fins, I got me a fem. Needs to get me a 10 gal tank to condition her.