How to sex Tetras

  1. kaystar Member Member

    I have 4 tetras in my tank, one of them is very large and has been since i got him the other 3 were normal size. Ive noticed over the past 2 weeks that my Black neon tetra (one of the normal size ones) has gotten quite large in the lower part of his body.

    I think he is the dominant one out of them all and maybe gets mroe food and thats why hes bigger, but if its not the reason and he is a she and shes pregnant how do i know and what do i do?

    Are they livebearers?
  2. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    No they are not livebearers, tetras, especailly neons, are very hard to breed and even harder to raise the fry. They are egg scatters and they will eat their eggs.
  3. kaystar Member Member

    Ok ty :)
  4. Stone220 Initiate Member

    The difficulty of sexing of Tetras varies between the different species, Black Neons are one of the more difficult Tetras to sex, sometimes the female can be more full bodied, however I have found that there is no sure fire way to sex smaller Tetras though unless you are trying to breed them it doesn't really matter.