How to sex amano shrimp


My girlfriend just got some amano shrimp is there any way to sex them.


Actually, there's more than one way.

Easiest way, especially when they're young...

The markings on the side. The next to the bottom marks on the sides of their bodies, males have evenly spaced round spots, the females have dashes or uneven spots.



Other ways:

The females are bigger than males.

The males appear straighter along the bottom of their abdomen, the females more rounded.

The females get "saddled" and "berried." (Both refer to the eggs: saddled, the eggs are developing internally; berried, she's carrying the eggs).

Also, the females have longer pleopods/swimmerets.

(Sorry the pics aren't the best. Tank lights are off so I went back through some old pics to find some with amanos in them and zoomed in on them.)

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