how to setup a saltwater tank?


I have two tanks one is 40 gallon and another is 10 gallon. in 40 gallon I have freshwater fish and I want to make my another tank (10 gallon tank) a saltwater tank. is size will matter for saltwater tank, as I heard that it shoulld be atleast 30 gallon?

my another question is Can I use rock salt for saltwatre ?

what should be the proportion should I add in water ????


HI crazy_deeps279 . Try posting your questions in the Saltwater Tank part of this forum. If you scroll down on the main forum page you'll find. There are some saltwater folks there that can help you. No - you can't use rock salt for a saltwater aquarium - you need one of the marine salt mixtures, and saltwater is a lot more involved & difficult to set up and maintain. Small tanks can be more difficult to maintain but it can be done. It's quite a bit more expensive than freshwater too.

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