How To Save A Sick Urchin


Just last Monday I added my first creatures to my 75 Gallon FOWLR!!

I added a Millet Seed Butterflyfish & a Red Pencil Urchin.

The day after adding them the sump level started to decrease so I added more salt water (the salinity was also pretty low at the moment. Now however, my urchin's spines are starting to droop and when I recently took him out to move him to a spot with more food, I noticed he had a weird odor (I cannot smell it from the tank) and some strange brown squishy thing on the bottom of the urchin. I researched this online and found out the urchin could be sick from nitrates, but my nitrates are all at 0ppm. Then I found out fast salinity changes can cause the urchins to stress. The butterflyfish is doing absolutely fine, though.

How can I save him? Is there any way? Is this normal for a new urchin?


Sounds like you need something to keep the water parameters more level... Only thing I could think of is maybe there is some substrate or filter media you could add that slowly leaches what you want into the tank. The filter I feel would be more controllable being able to remove it more easy if it becomes a problem. I hope someone with more expertise answers but its the best answer I have. As with most things slow change is probably the best coarse of action if its not to late.
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My urchin passed today. I'm going to make a memorial.

I only acclimated him for 1 hour. I read you should do for 3 hours or more. I'll do that next time.

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