How to resurrect tank taken down by ICH

How should I try to resurrect the tank

  • After 1 to 2 week heating and medicine treatment, buy and add new fish to keep the tank cycled.

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  • After 1 to 2 week heating and medicine, add a canary fish to check if ick is gone!

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  • Bleach the whole tank and Vallisneria, probably lose snail, start fresh with uncycled tank

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  • Postpone buying fish for 2 months to starve off ich, keep tank cycled, then add fish.

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  • Wait 2 months because amid coronavirus outbreak, fish quality int pet chains is questionable.

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  • Get rid of Vallisneria and snail as it may be the carrier of ich, keep cycled tank

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I bought a 4 year old 20 Gallon running tank with live fish on Craigslist, was happy with it for 2 months and then added 2 new Black Skirt tetra from a petstore chain to give company to existing 7 Glofish Tetra. I also added Vallisneria Spiralis that I bought from Amazon at the same time.

A week later fishes were showing signs of stress, that I couldn't diagnose as All water parameters were good (Nitrate 20 ppm, no nitrite, chlorine or ammonia, hard water, ph 7.2, moderate alkalinity). White dots showed after 3 days and I started cure with Tetra ICK guard from same store instantly and cranked my 100W heater in steps to full power to raise temperature from 75 to 84 over next 24 hours. All fishes died in 3 days since first dots were observed. They had nearly 100 dots each towards end.

Now I have this cycled tank with live Vallisneria and a black racer Nerite snail and possibly with surviving Ick parasite.

I plan to keep the temperature high for one more week and doze the tank with remaining Tetra Ick Guard and Tetra parasite guard that comes in 2 days and also has metronidazole.

How can I resurrect this tank?
All Ich will be dead after about a week without a host, no need for medicine. Allow a couple of weeks if you want the extra safeguard. It might be wise to get some ammonia and add small amounts to keep the tank cycled during that period although it may not be crucial since some BB are likely to survive and will repopulate quickly.
Id keep it running for 2 weeks straight with the temp at 88 just to be sure. Do some REALLY good gravel vacuumings and 50% water changes every day. 2 weeks later youll have NOTHING to worry about. No need to add any chemicals and your beneficial bacteria colony can last 2 weeks no problem. If you're REALLY worried about them, drop 2ppm ammonia in the tank every day after the water change.

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