50 Gallon Tank How to replace moon light on Coralife PCF light?




I have a Coralife Lunar Power Compact light w/ 2 lunar lights. One quit working. Any ideas how to fix or if they can be fixed?

Thanks for any suggestions!x




I can't say exactly how hard it would be with out seeing it, but it could be something as simple as a broken wire that connects the lights. If you feel your up to it try taking the light apart and look for any loose/broken wires or any black/soot marks on the leds, circut board, and other electronic components.

If it is say a bad board, led or resistor so long as you know how to solder and/or know someone who can; you can get all the parts to build or repair the light online or at radioshack. Built moon lights for my 10 gal. with parts from the shack in a couple of hours.

also how old was the light when the problem started?

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