How to remove protective paper covering on acrylic

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by f2002, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. f2002Valued MemberMember

    I purchased an acrylic isolation box from Amazon. It arrived unassembled and with zero instructions. All the pieces of the box were covered with protective paper. It looks something like this:


    I've tried heating it with a hair dryer and then immediately cooling it under water, hoping the temperature difference will somehow create air bubbles between the paper cover and the acrylic panes. No luck. The paper covering cannot be peeled off with finger nails.

    I've read all sorts of suggestions ranging from using peanut butter to nail polish to wd40. Is there some simple solution everyone knows but me? :)
  2. BluestreakflWell Known MemberMember

    Its supposed to just peel off. If its not, chances are its been exposed to extended amounts of heat, probably in the warehouse, but generally this protective paper is supposed to just peel right off the acrylic.
  3. f2002Valued MemberMember

    Ha ha. Maybe I just have the muscle strength of a 5 year-old girl. :;bn

    I think the company that sells these are from overseas, so they did travel quite a long way to get to me. I forgot to mention that on one piece of the acrylic, the paper DID just fall off. Like pretty much all by itself. But all the other ones wouldn't budget.