how to remove nerite eggs from glass?


I'm very fond of my 4 nerite snails and their tireless algae eating efforts - but! - what a mess they make with all their little white eggs left all over the aquarium glass. I've tried a scrubby sponge and a ceramic blade scraper to no avail. Those things are stuck really hard. I know the eggs will not hatch in fresh water or I would leave them but since they won't, how can I remove them?

They really super glue them on there, don't they.

I use a razor blade to get them off the glass, but I have yet to find the secret to getting them off driftwood.

I have glass tanks, not sure if you should use a razor blade if you have an acrylic tank.
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Good idea Randy. I do have a glass aquarium and some razor blades. Just cleaned the tank though so not today.


You're scaring me. I just ordered nerites.


Oh dear, how many?




I don't know if you need a male and a female to get eggs. It took mine a while to get started (maybe they were too young) but I now regularly see at least a dozen new eggs daily. They are very visible like large white poppy seeds and, as I mentioned earlier, very hard to remove. I'm considering returning them to the LFS because they are more trouble than they are worth. They're pretty though. What to do? ???


I too use a razor blade in a glass tank. If anyone figures out how to get them off of driftwood, please let me know!! I ended up attaching some java moss to the driftwood. It is growing and slowly covering up those white eggs.


Just found a solution to my own problem of removing nerite eggs from the aquarium glass. I picked up a tool at my LFS yesterday that works great. It's a long handled scraper called the Kent Pro Scraper M. Of course, it only works on glass. On other surfaces (ornaments, driftwood, etc.) I use a fingernail. I've always had pretty strong nails but I bet you ladies out there with acrylic nails could do an even better job.


At first I thought the white dots on the driftwood was kind of interesting looking. Now there are too many. I'm going to try a kitchen scrubbie --the kind you use for glass top stoves(brand new, never used, no soap). I've used them before to get hard algae off the glass. My nerites take care of that algae now before it gets hard. No way I'd take them back to the store.


I have a bunch on my driftwood as well. I might try picking them off with a sharpened blade or something but so far I haven't had any luck removing eggs from driftwood.

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