How to re home

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    akle4 Valued Member Member

    My common goldfish does not have a big enough tank, and I am looking to rehome him because of this. I need some suggestions on how to re home him, and where I should. I live in Illinois so I am afraid there are not enough people with ponds.
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    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    You can make an add on craiglist. Specifically say you are looking for someone with a pond.
    Could also try social media or a newspaper ad
  3. Mothercrow

    Mothercrow Well Known Member Member

    I actually was surprised at how helpful Craigslist was. Do a search for goldfish in addition to your ad, I found someone near me who was looking for goldfish for their pond.
  4. Dovah

    Dovah Well Known Member Member

    Facebook might be a good place to advertise a free fish (to a pond.) You could also go to your local fish store and see if the folks there can help you.
  5. hmayes

    hmayes Valued Member Member

    I just got rehomed two plecos on Craigslist. I put them up for free and got like 20+ responses in about a day.