How to prune plants?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by codyrex97, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. codyrex97

    codyrex97Well Known MemberMember

    I was curious as to how I'm supposed to prune plants? I am unfamiliar with plant keeping. I know that cutting off dead and dying leaves helps the plant because it stops wasting energy on the hopeless leaves, but I was curious exactly where to cut the stem to best encourage the plant with new growth.

    Should I cut closer to the rhizome? Closer to the leaf? Should I try and completely break the stem off the rhizome or is it okay to leave a bit of stem coming off the rhizome?

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Grimund

    GrimundWell Known MemberMember

    I forsee this thread getting moved to the plant section, but I'm also interested in hearing the answers. I'm planning on planting, too.
  3. OP

    codyrex97Well Known MemberMember

    Ah yes I probably should've posted it there. My bad! If mods move it that is fine, I'll wait in that case instead of posting in plant section and making clutter.
  4. MinhMai

    MinhMaiValued MemberMember

    Well for fast growing stem plants like wisteria I like to uproot them cut them in half and replant the tops. Not sure if that's what you were going for.

    If you're more interested in your stem plants branching then you can cut the main growth point off after every 2-3 leaf nodes of growth and replant the cuttings. So far this has worked on the three hygrophila spp I have.
  5. OP

    codyrex97Well Known MemberMember

    I meant more just pruning than propagating, such as taking the dead leaves off of an Amazon, Java Fern, or Anubias. What's the best way, for the plant's health, to do this?
  6. qchris87

    qchris87Well Known MemberMember

    I cut as close to the rhizome as possible. The plant will absorb the tiny piece that's left. For the amazon, I also cut close as I can to the roots without cutting into the main stalk.
  7. MinhMai

    MinhMaiValued MemberMember

    Well for straight pruning and tossing I'd cut stem plants in half replant the tops and toss the lower half. They tend to sprout a lot of unsightly roots on the lower half anyway is why I prefer tossing those.

    Looks like you're covered for rhizomes and rosettes by qchris

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