How to propagate Amazon Sword (with pics)


So I was looking around the internet to figure out how to propagate Amazon Sword and couldn't come across anything that really explained exactly what I needed to know, so I thought I'd document myself planting them after gathering as much information as I could.

A couple things to know before starting:
The "runner" refers to the stem-like projection that gives off the baby amazon swords.
The base of the plant with the white bulb (in between the roots and the stems) is known as the "crown".
(I'll label these both in the pictures so you have an accurate idea of what they look like/where they're located/what they are)

Also, I'd just like to point out that I don't entirely know if how I'm doing this is correct, I'm basing all of what I did off various sources I found. If anything I say or did was wrong, please let me know so I can correct it. And if the pics aren't of the best quality, it maaaay be because I used my cellphone's camera....on to the tutorial!

First, your sword must have tiny versions of the plant growing off the runner. When I bought mine, I already had 3 growing off the runner. In the first picture, you can see the crown (which for some reason I labeled "bulb"....) and the runner. At this point, my 3 baby swords had not started putting out roots yet. It's probably important to mention that you shouldn't propagate the small plants until they have fully formed roots.

In the second picture, the baby plants are clearly marked in case you didn't really know what you were looking for. I figure it's kind of obvious what they are....but I had a dumb moment when I was figuring out how to propagate these and figured I'd throw that in there too.

Third picture - the crown is correctly labeled and the first signs of roots are starting to appear on the baby plants.

Fourth picture - the single root is beginning to grow a little more. The other 3 plants had yet to produce any roots of any kind.

Fifth picture - more steady growth

Sixth picture - other plants are starting to put out roots in addition to the first plant.

Seventh picture - left for 3 days on their own, came back and this is what I turned my light on to see. I had my light off for those three days, so the only light they got was ambient light from my window that had the blinds down. As you can see, the roots have grown like mad. I figured now was about the time to start propagating them.

Eighth picture - I clipped the farthest plant from the mother because I was unsure how this endeavor would turn out. I also snipped off a bit of the roots so that they weren't crazy long, and I left a little bit of the runner from the plant before it, and kept the runner attached to the recently cut plant. From what I've read, the runner will continue to put out new plants. I used an x-acto knife to trim both the roots and the runner. From what I've read, scissors can pinch and bruise the roots/runner, but I haven't really heard of that ending badly for the most part. I've also read that some people twist off their baby plants, which I'm sure would work fine too (I just preferred a nice, clean cut).

Ninth picture - The final product. Plant it so that the crown is above the gravel and the roots are semi-exposed. I've heard stories of people's swords pushing themselves upwards so that they get into that position by themselves, but I haven't really noticed mine doing that. Granted, I haven't really checked or have been looking for that.

And there you have it! Propagating amazon sword.

In short...
1. Have a runner that's putting off small plants
2. Wait for plants to grow roots
3. Remove small plants by cutting them off the runner (below the crown) while leaving the upper part of the runner so it can continue growing more small plants
4. TrI'm the roots a little to encourage new growth
5. Plant in gravel/sand/substrate with the crown and a little bit of the roots exposed


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Thanks for the pictures and welcome to FishLore Yep a happy sword plant will shoot runners out and daughter plants will be every where.


Wow, thanks for the pics! I had no idea that's what a runner looks like. When I hear the word "runner" I think of the root-like projections of bamboo, even though they're called rhizomes. Now I know what to look for! Do all plants that are supposed to propagate by runners shoot up similar things?



Do all plants that are supposed to propagate by runners shoot up similar things?

Some plants shoot runners through the substrate and where ever it surfaces a new plant will grow, some send them up into the water column like swords and grow several new plants along them.


Thanks James! Great plant info Wonderful photos!



Oh neat! I didn't know how that worked either. Thanks for sharing.


wow nice. I have aponogeton plants and all of them flowered but only 2 of the plants surprised me when they made runners and had baby plants on top. The plants on top already have roots but when should I cut them off or will they naturally fall off.

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