How To Prepare My Fish Tank For A Week-long Trip.


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Hey guys!

So i'm leaving this weekend to a whaleshark expedition in Mexico!!

I couldn't be more excited, but leaving my fish tank unattended for a whole week is starting to give me serious anxiety.

The things that concern me:

- It's only a 6G so waste adds up quickly in there
- My betta is a serious tail biter. He heals fast but does most of the nipping when he spends too much time alone. Not only will he be alone for a whole week, but I'm scared of him developing finrot due to waste build and poor water conditions. His tail is currently in the process of healing from some pretty bad damage
- My tank only finished cycling about two weeks ago at most
- It's a planted tank - I tried setting up a light timer last night but it didn't go on this morning. I'll be looking into it again today. Fertilizers? I'm assuming it won't be an issue since I'm only leaving for a week
- I have a friend that will be coming to feed my two cats and my chameleon, which I'm not worried about. He tends to be a bit of a bubble head though and is very distracted, so I'm scared of even telling him to perform a small water change. Last time he tried to help me test the water, he was about to dump the TESTED water from the test tube back into the fish tank!!!!!! If I wouldn't have screamed and jumped from one side of the room to the other to stop him, he would have accidentally killed my fish and shrimp.

Help anyone!? I can't live with this anxiety lol :nailbiting:


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Personally I would do nothing.
The betta will be fine without food for a week (will probably produce less waste that way too).
If he gets stressed easily, making sure no one messes with the tank will probably help the situation.

I had similar anxiety when I went on vacation in March. If I had to do it again, I would just leave them be for a week.


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I probably would do a water change about 3 days prior to your trip and not feed the betta at all until you return. Asking a friend to do a water change is tough, especially if it's new to them. When I go on 3 week vacations I change the water 3 days and don't feed at all. My brother in law will come in to feed once a week but you should be good without feeding for a week while your out.

I would also leave the lights off while your gone so there isn't any algae build up. You might think not feeding is bad but if your friend accidentally over feeds you'll have a polluted tank. Not feeding for a week will be fine.


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I agree he will be fine for a week, way better than someone over feeding. Just be very clear for the friend not to do anything at all. If they aren’t already, I put your lights on a timer.
Also, congrats on the whale shark expedition! I did that once and it is a fantastic experience!! Don’t forget to share photos as well

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