how to prepare greens for mollies?

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    I have a 12 gal tank w 2 females and 1 male molly. Ammonia is 0 and I just changed 25% of the water. After I did that, the male started hanging vertically (head up) and today has had 2 very long strings coming out; not normal poop.

    I've read all I can and it sounds like he may be constipated (but does that account for the vertical hanging?). I've been feeding flake food and now see that I have to feed them greens. How do I prepare them? How small do I cut them up?

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    Hi nincolors, welcome to fishlore. :)

    What kind of veggie is it? My mollies pick at everything, so long as I remove any tough skin (like on cucumbers or zucchini). If it's lettuce or something like that, then just hold a corner down under a rock or use a veggie clip, then they'll pick at it all they want. Remove it after a day or so because it gets kinda gross.

    If you wanted, you could toss it in boiling water for a few second, then drop it in ice water to blanch it. That will make it a little softer and easier for the fish to eat.

    What color are the strings?

    That's odd behavior (the vertical hanging) directly after a water change. Was the water a vastly different temp? Perhaps a pH shock? Did you remember to add the water conditioner? Is the tank already cycled?
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    You can take a frozen green pea, microwave enough to thaw, remove the skin. chop into very small pieces, the size of the fish's eye or smaller. Then soak it in a bit of garlic juice if you have it on hand. The garlic is just a good immune-system builder.

    Daphnia helps constipation too, but I'd use a pea at this point. Also, you may want to fast the fish for a day or two.
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    Thanks, everyone. I cut up a lettuce leaf real small, and floated the pieces, but they weren't interested:) I'll get some peas.

    Yep, tank is cycled. The water was cooler, but I do have a heater in there. I guess it might have been a bit of a shock. I'll remember to add some hot water before I change. Yes, I did use water conditioner. And the long strings that came out were white/clear w some red on it.

    Sounds like hemmoroids to me:)
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    white or clear poop is a bad thing, I think... let me see if i can find anything on it.

    edit: just a quick search on the forum is showing that is can be a sign of parasites or constipation... so I guess that either way, the peas with garlic should help.