How To Predict If A Koi Will Develop A Shoulder Hump? Question

  1. claytonyu

    claytonyu Valued Member Member

    I personally dislike koi fish that have a shoulder hump (behind its head). Therefore when picking out koi fish for my pond I must be able to choose the proper koi fish. Are there any ways of selecting juvenile fish and predicting whether or not they will have a shoulder hump? Are these humps already visible in Tosai fishes? Thanks!
  2. scarface

    scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    I thought the hump has to do with undernourishment more than anything. I read that somewhere when selecting Common Goldfish (Hibuna), but maybe it pertains to koi as well.
  3. OP

    claytonyu Valued Member Member

    I have been receiving different answers, but I think it narrows down to metabolism, feeding amount and genetics. I wonder if koi fish have visible humps as early as juvenile stage?