How To Plant Carpet Plants??

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Pearl Boba, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Pearl BobaValued MemberMember

    im starting a freshwater planted aquarium but I’m wondering how do I plant carpet plants? Are there like seeds I have to plant or ?? Also what are the best carpet plants? Monte Carlo and dwarf baby tears seem nice. Also how do people put trees in their aquarium? Do you just buy them at the fish store or garden store? I really don’t know. Thank you!
  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    plants that are considered carpeting require high lighting out, high fertilizer dose, and high co2 to grow in general. Dwarf baby tears is an extremly slow growing plant when grown submersed. Monte carlo still grows slow but is a bit faster. The fastest way to grow a carpet in your aquarium is to grow your plants emersed with just a bit of water in the bottom of your aquarium. you would fully cover the aquarium to avoid evaporation and a daily misting is recomended. You also want a gravel close to fine sand since these plants will spread faster in a smaller substrate and have an easier time. To purchase these plants, i recomend starting with a tissue cultured starter to avoid pest snails and others. A better choice of carpet plant that would probably better suit your needs would be either staurogyne repens or pogostemon helferi. Both these plants will form carpets and are usually less care, but still can be a hassel to work with.

    For the tree, it depends on the look your going for. Many times you can grab some drift wood and just tie your choice of moss, riccia fluitans, or other plant. riccia fluitans and pellia can be netted down on a coconut shell and then tied to the tree in order to anchor to it. You could also use other plants like anubis, bolbitis or i've even seen ludwigia species grown in a tree. The ludwigia was tied to the tree branches and created a very pleasing aquascape. Do know, that "trees" take some time to grow and that you need to wait for the plant to grow in. If you do go with moss which is what most people do, go with weeping moss or christmas mos. Many people use java or flame moss which on occasion does look good, but it has the tendency to not grow as bushy as the other two and in my opinion don't give a good "tree" look. Hope this helps.
  3. Pearl BobaValued MemberMember

    Oh wow thanks for all this information! You definitely helped a lot! I do have one more question though, so are there seeds for the carpet plant or do I buy the already grown plant and bury the roots in my tank?
  4. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    There are seeds out their for certain plants, but they take forever to grow and usually aren't worth the time. Go with tissue cultured plants. these are lab grown in sterile conditons. Their is not risk of introducing snails, disease or other pests when you do this. When you buy your plants either tissue cultured or not. They will either come in a gel "tissue cultured" or in rock wool 'not tissue cultured". Remove the mediums from the roots and separate the clumps into quarter size pieces. Then you can plant. As a general rule, if you want a fast carpet but yet still affordable. you should cover the area so that each quarter size piece is about 2 inches apart. Hope this helps.
  5. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    The seeds are usually a scam - the plants are mostly something they're not supposed to be - either a different aquatic species or a non-aquatic species that will die after a few months. Don't waste your money.

    Are you going to inject CO2, use a fertilized substrate, and do high light?

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