How to not destroy tank during cleaning

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    i_love_sushi New Member Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have large driftwood and plants in my 50 gallon tall. When cleaning the bottom, it's very difficult to not bump things while getting the poop accumulating in certain nooks. Any tips here? Also, when doing a filter cleaning (AC 110) the water gets super cloudy after, no matter how careful I am. I'm washing the biomax and filter pad in my used water.

    I've had fish tanks before, but this is my first semi-large tank, so I haven't run in to these problems before. Tips would be very much appreciated :)

  2. Charles556

    Charles556 Valued Member Member

    Have you tried swirling either your hand or the gravel vac in the water to blow the gunk off the substrate? If you need to get to hard to reach places, you can also try using a turkey baster.

    TBH, I don't really bother with sucking out all the visible gunk, or gravel vacuuming, for that matter. It never gets to a point where it'd bother me aesthetically.