How to move with Betta fish?!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by aquatic_vertebrate, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Ok, I'm not saying where but I have to move to the complete other side of the country.. How in would I go about moving with my betta fish? What do I need....?
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    My girlfriend and I are moving to Las Vegas....we are already starting to formulate our plan.

    Are you flying or driving?
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    we are taking our fish with us, and we have like 130. the plan is to bag 'em in breather bags (made by kardon) and pack 'em in coolers. coolers are going in the tanks. when we stop to sleep, im going to dose each bag with prime and add a little water. prior to leaving, im going to stop feeding the fish to limit the amount of ammonia thatll be produced. its only going to take 2-3 days.

    the problem im working on is the media. since your just moving one fish and a small tank, you can bag up the media and keep it with the fish. if its a small tank, at each sleeping stop along the way set up the tank and filter and all, feed the fish (you shouldnt stop feeding the fish before you leave) and then break it down when you head out. be sure to aclimate them. feeding th e fish and setting up the tank each night will keep your bacteria alive.

    thats the problem im working on, as i wont be able to set up my tanks. unless i set up just one small tank with all the biomedia in it and dose the tank with ammonia....
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    I thought I read somewhere bacteria will only live w/o oxygen for an hour? Is that untrue?
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    Good morning.

    I have found this portable, battery powered air pump to come in handy more times than once:

    It may be something you should look into if you haven't already done so.

    Great idea on keeping the fish in coolers. For community fish I would suggest adding them directly into the cooler and not into bags. Add some filter media and the battery powered pump in the above link.

    For Multiple Bettas....hmmmm I'll let some more experienced Betta Owners help you here. If necessary send a private message to MartinsMommy. She is a betta breeder and has recently moved from state to state with great success for her fish. I'm sure she wouldn't mind giving some advice.

    If you're moving a single betta then I suggest adding the filter media, the fish and the battery air pump directly into the cooler and forget the bagging. Of course you couldn't do this for multiple bettas, not in the same cooler.

    I'm also moving your thread to the Betta Section of the forum and editing your title just a bit so that more Betta owners will see it. Hope you don't mind.

    Best of luck! Please keep us posted and travel safely.
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    Ken, re: the thread name change, I believe it was Jaysee who was moving with 130 bettas, not the OP aquatic_vertebrate (who I don't think specified how many she's moving).
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    Thanks Midthought...I caught that and changed it. Thanks for paying attention though! lol
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    You could get like plastic food containers for each betta and a bucket and do water changes every day with prime, and for the filter media, I would set up the cooler idea and keep it all in there with some battery powered airstones for oxygen
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    Ah no, Jaysee only has a couple bettas, he moved loads and loads of fish in general and tanks absolutely fine. Martinismommy recently did a massive move too, she has hundreds of bettas. She has a thread somewhere, but I can't remember exactly how much info it had.
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    I'm kinda laughing at the thought of Jaysee with 130 bettas... he moved a couple of months ago, but only a couple of miles away, if I remember his posts right. Next year, he's moving across the country, but is already planning how he's going to move his fish. He's got a bunch of tanks, but few bettas.

    MM moved her entire betta-breeding operation to California recently, without a single casualty.
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    Ah, that's right Meenu! Couldn't remember how far he had gone, the image I'll always remember was the tank full of filters, like he was breeding them or something lol!

    MMs the one to ask about the bettas, she is the queen of transporting bettas successfully!