How To Mix Dry Fertilizer?


Ok what is the correct way to mix a dry fertilizer solution....... For example to make 250ml of k2so4 should I fill a container with 250ml of water then add x of k2so4 or put x of k2so4 into a container then add water to the 250ml mark?


You would add the dry first and then fill to the 250ml mark to make 250ml of solution.


When I was using powders this was the way: place the container on a magnetic stirring plate (it helps if you work in a lab or you have your own...), and add 1/3 of the final volume of water, then add the measure powder; use the second 1/3 of the final volume to rinse out the measuring dish (several rinses, then dump into the container); then use the rest of the water to fill up the container. The reason for this was that some of the powders are not easily dissoluble, and when you add all the powder at once then dump the water, the surface of the powder will harden and form one big or several "rocks" - those take a lot of time to dissolve!


This is how I do: I have a plastic teaspoon to measure about 2.5 grams- half a teaspoonful for a 75 gallon tank- using my uncalibrated eye. Dump it in the tank. Fish will run and try to eat it. It's not for's for my plants....they understand...

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