How to make them friends? Question

Discussion in 'Kribensis - Kribs' started by Andrey, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. AndreyNew MemberMember

    I got a pair of kribs in my 75 gal. They are about 2 inches. I think they are a male and a female.
    This one is a female, I think:
    And this is the male:
    The female is very mean :;pirate, she chases the male around the tank :;swls, and I believe this is why the poor guy is so pale! Is there any hope to make these two co-exist peacefully? :;hug2 What do you think?
  2. gunner13Well Known MemberMember

    Don't quote me on this because my Kribs are albino but i think the colourful one is the male, the one with the red on it's belly
  3. BroolynKribsNew MemberMember

    I have two pairs in my 75, and they are fine. I also have a lot of hiding places and live plants for them. How is your tank set up? And the first pic is your female and second is male. I wouldn't be to worried yet, thats what these guys do. You could always put some schooling fish in there to distract them or put more hiding places. If you can post a pic of your tank that will help
  4. Morgan111Well Known MemberMember

    everything I've ever done with kribs I've always allowed them plenty of hiding and running places and they always seem to work it out in the long run.
  5. AndreyNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the input, guys! I have live plants and two huts made of coconut shells. The kribs don't take too much interest in the huts though. The male hides in the plants when the female chases him. I do hope she won't kill him and they work it out! :;hug2
  6. evanNew MemberMember

    Is the male smaller? That could lead to problems. Perhaps you could separate them until the male gets bigger. Good luck.
  7. Sammyboi1993Valued MemberMember

    With Kribs The Male MUST be bigger than the female, If not Then the Female Will Bullly The Male.
  8. AndreyNew MemberMember

    They are approximately the same size, about 2 inches.

    But it seems they have paired up after 2 weeks of bullying. It was a very quick and very dramatic change: the female suddenly accepted the male, maybe she got tired of fighting and gave up the chasing thing. Now they are swimming side to side checking out stuff etc. What a family harmony! Yay! :;banaman

    I guess I should expect babies soon? :) Or not until they are fully grown? How long does it take them to grow?