How To Keep Guppy Fry

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Bekaw, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. BekawNew MemberMember

    So my guppy from the LFS had fry while I was away - found 5 swimming around in the filter which I have rescued. I don’t have a spare tank and heater so I transformed a yogurt pot into a makeshift fry “pod” suspended in the main tank with some moss. Is this okay or are they better in a small box\tank outside the main tank but it would be unheated so room temp? My German rams are going nuts at the suspended pot :\

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  2. Vancouver MikeValued MemberMember

    Congrats on the fry!
    We have just had our 3rd female have fry yesterday! That brings our count to 17.
    Unless your getting another tank I would consider just leaving them in your tank.ylu only have one I assume?
    My gf didn't like this idea and that why we have 17...smh. we would have 24 but was able to put a stop to the Guppy take over! I have a new 10 Gallon I'm gonna put the fry in once they out grow the 2 gallon.
    GL! Ps I found some fry food but if u don't have any just crush whatever u have into dust for them
  3. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    Hi, I suggest you not try and save them if you don't have a tank to raise them in. I haven't bred guppies before. But I have bred a lot of other types of fish though....and they would not develop properly in a breeder box.

    If you want to raise guppies, I suggest you get a seperate 10g tank to use for the fry. You should put a sponge filter into your current tank asap to let that filter get seeded so you can have an instantly cycled tank for fry in the future.
  4. BekawNew MemberMember

    Cheers - I think if I put the 5 surviving ones in that my rams will just eat them :( so I’ll leave them in the pot for the time being. yeah I only have one tank for the moment ;) when I have my own house I will have sooooooo many haha! I will give them some crush flakes ! I assumed that any which had been born while I was away had been eaten so I was shocked when I went to clean the filter haha!