How to get rid of white flat worms


I just found these white flat worms on the glass in my 15 gallon planted. Here's a pic - they are super tiny... you can see the air tube and electrical cord for size comparison. Worm is diagonal, all the white vertical lines are CO2 bubbles.

I saw that they are harmless but multiply in the stickied thread... but I'm grossed out and just want them gone. Besides... the tank is already full of copepods and bladder snails. Any suggestions to get rid of them? I don't have any fish in the tank yet as I'm still searching for the right ones while waiting for the plants to grow out (tank is 4 weeks old since converting to planted). Because there are no fish, it gets fed nothing... and CO2 might be a touch high at the moment.

Here's the full tank


You are seeing them (rhabdocoela) because they don't have any natural predators in the tank right now (fish). As soon as you add some they will get eaten. If you add chemicals to kill them, you will end up with a bunch of dead worms in your substrate which could negatively affect your water quality. I'd leave them be honestly.

If you have a planted tank they are kind of unavoidable. It's one of those things they don't tell you when you start the hobby!
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aw dang. Thanks for the advice though.

So do guppies eat them? Because that's what I'm considering. Though I'm open to suggestions.


Youll find the worms go through a cycle which means they come and go, In my shrimp tanks I get them now and then and just leave them, I think most fish will have a go at them.
Tank is looking nice

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