How to get rid of these worms?!


About a month ago I noticed lots of little white almost clear worms on the glass/in the rocks/and swimming in my tank. I tore my tank apart/ cleaned and recycled everything and thought they were gone. I also quarantined my fish and still have my moss balls in a separate container to monitor for worms. Tonight I just noticed they are back in my tank on the glass and swimming. Are they detritus worms? How do I get rid of them for good? How do they get there? And will they harm my fish? You can see one pictured at the top on the glass. My tank contains a betta/ neon tetras/ and a small catfish. Will they eat the worms?


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Yes, you have Detritus Worms. There really is no way to completely get rid of them. They are present in almost all freshwater aquaria and harmless to your fish and inverts. The worms may look gross, but they actually play a beneficial part in your tank. You see, these worms are called Detritus Worms because they eat mulm and waste products in your tank, making the environment healthier for your other tank inhabitants. If you see too many of these worms out at a time, it means you are feeding too much food to your fish. Reduce your feedings if you see too many of these guys to keep their numbers in check.
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Your fish also might use them as a snack, so they are beneficial by giving your fish entertainment.
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