How To Get Rid Of Algae On My Plants Question

  1. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    Hello I recently started a 10 gallon planted tank stocked with ghost shrimp. Algae has been growing on my plants I don’t know if it’s a harmful thing but it certainly looks bad. I was hoping the recently added ghost shrimp would start to slowly work away at it but so far nothing. What are some ways I can get rid of the algae. (Also side note my fert has a very small amount of copper in it would it still be fatal to shrimp. Should I get a different kind?) pictures of the plants are attached below feel free to point any other possible issues out!
    Image1520182754.001072.jpg Image1520182780.637033.jpg Image1520182805.936339.jpg
  2. Jameseyy Member Member

    Algae is perfectly normal and not harmful to your fish unless its cyanobacteria which is a turquoise paste like algae that usually grows on the substrate (this isnt what you have). This kind of algae isn't often eaten by shrimp, they eat the brown powdery algae called diatoms. The best thing to do it just manually remove the algae whenever you get the chance. In my tank, i had loads of different kinds of algae plague my tank in the beginning, but 8 months in now I have hardly any algae. Possibly because of my snails, amano shrimp and ottos but algae is just a natural growth and will eventually dull down if you tackle it manually

  3. The Rover Well Known Member Member

    You have a better chance of getting rid of it with nerite snails but also you should keep you lighting time shortened. Maybe start at 6 hours for a couple of weeks then if no algae increase by 30 minutes every other week up to 8 hours. No need to run lights longer than that.
  4. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    Sounds good I could pick up a few snails when I get the chance. I’m going for an all invert tank. How do the plants look and would copper in fertilizer hurt any of the shrimp or snails.

  5. The Rover Well Known Member Member

    Order a bottle of Thrive S by Nilocg. Safe for shrimp and a great liquid fert. You won’t need more than 2 nerites for a 10g tank. Be patient with them. They sleep for a day or 2 and then just when you’ve given up that they’re going to do anything they will clean your tank spotless and then take another 2 day nap.
  6. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    Ok thank you!