how to get my tank ready for new fish 60 Gallon Tank

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    ok so i have a 60 gallon tank with 2 70 gallon aqua clear filters 4 cory cats 1 betta and 3 Dwarf Gourami i plan on getting 2 Angelfish and 2 Ram Cichlids i have Cichlid stones for the Cichlids but i did some reading and found out that both Angelfish and Dwarf Gouramis enjoy and breed with plants floating ones for the Gouramis but i have never done real plants and was hoping to start the people at pet smart are really no help at all and i was hoping to get some proper knowledge about plant care and All so would it be ok to mix ram cichlids dwarf gouramis angelfish a betta cory cats and possably 2 discus's together i read about them all and they say there peaceful fish i would really be thankful if a pro fish keep with knowledge in this matter comment on my question thank you

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    It would help the other members answer your questions if you could fill out your aquarium info, you can find the tab to do so under the blue bar that says My Settings at the top of the page.

    Do you know about the aquarium nitrogen cycle? This is the most important information when starting a tank, if you are unsure please read up on it.

    Angels and rams make good tankmtes most of the time, however I would b leary of adding them with some of your curent stock. Dwarf gouramis tend to be very aggressive tword their own kind, it is useually best to keep only one in a tank. Cory cats are a schoolng fish and really need to be in a school of at least 6. Are you wanting all of these fish to breed? I am not sure a 60gal will provide enough territories for all of them to breed. I have never kept discus, but it is my understanding that they do better in a school as well, and with all the other fish, I don't think you would have enough room.

    I would not classify a betta as a peacful fish, even if it tolerates the current stock, the betta's temperment may change with so many larger tank mates, and so many that get territoral if they spawn.

    For the plants, your lighting will be a big determining factor as to what plants you can grow and how they need to be cared for.

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    welcome to the forum

    Too, it is VEEEERY helpful for you to write in sentence form. Proper spacing and punctuation are courtesies we expect. Truth be told, I did not read your post because it's a wall of text, and many others won't either. Having to read a block of punctuation-less text is like having to listen to someone talk with their mouth full of food - you avoid it if you can.
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    I believe usually discus fish are kept in a species-only tank, as they require much warmer temperatures than other fish. I have, however, seen a discus-German Blue Ram tank, so I'm sure there are some options as far as tank-mates go.
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    It sounds like you want discus? They are a ton of work. Most successful Discus keepers do large daily water changes. Research them very good before making the plunge!
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    Yes, most fish like cooler water, but there are many species of fish that like the hot water the discus do, and GBRs are one of them. You could do a hot water community tank if you wanted. I think one of the reasons the discus are kept in a species tank is because they don't want the extra bioload - this may be particularly true of someone keeping them in a low pH tank. Another would be that many keep a bare bottom tank, which doesn't fly with most bottom dwelling fish. You certainly wouldn't want to keep them with larger fish that could bully or out compete them, or active fish that will stress them out. So what's left? Cardinals and GBRs.
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    ok so i well hold off on the discus. but right now i currently hold 1 betta 4 albino cory cats and 3 Dwarf Gouramis. there all doing good with each other. i happen to see the male betta and male gouramis swiming with each other from time to time. but i was just browsing at the ram cichlids and also angelfish and was hoping to get a pair. but what im most stuck on is how to properly care for live plants. i have had my 60 gallon for about half a year. and wanted to go with live plants