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How to get moss and plants to root?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by cwa, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. cwa New Member Member

    I have some moss tied to coconut halves, but after 6 months or more, it will not stay there. I also have a java plant that will not root to the rock it has been on for about 8 months. All these plants do is make a mess of my tank. Is there a trick to getting them to stay in place?

  2. Orion5 Well Known Member Member

    If it's java moss, it will never root if I remember correctly. They usually just float around and don't put down roots. you'll have to keep it tethered to something.

    Of course, others with more experience may have more precise info about the other plants.
  3. JoannaB Well Known Member Member

    I used to want to persuade the plants in my tank to do my bidding, but then they persuaded me to let them do their own thing (we get along much better now).
  4. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    Take the shell out, dab on a small amount of super glue, gently push your moss onto the shell. Wait a minute or two and put back in tank.

    That's it. Easy.
  5. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    My java moss sends out some sort of ... root, I guess, and latches on to stuff after it's been tied down for a few weeks. I don't think java fern will grow on a rock; it needs something for the roots to actually cling to, like driftwood, which has a much bumpier surface.