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How to entice a nerite to a specific area?

  1. SW5

    SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Hello. I have a rock which apparently my nerite snail has not discovered... The rock has been in there for about 3 months, when the tank was still in the brown diatom algae stages, and my nerite snail handled it beautifully... Except in one area: that rock. There is still diatom algae there, and I would like her to eat it. I didn't mind that much until a beautiful thick carpet of green algae formed on the rock where there were no diatoms, and I had this vision of the entire rock having this. How would I entice her to eat what is there now so that more green algae (which she strangely will not eat) will be able to take hold?

  2. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    You could always set her on it and see what happens? I know with my Nerites, since I supplement their diet with veggies, its hard to say if they will actually eat diatoms or not ( although I'm thinking they do since my tank of 2 years had very little )

    You might want to get a few more - they are very low on the bioload so having 4-6 in your tank would probably be more effective.
  3. OP

    SW5 Well Known Member Member

    I just prefer leaving her be, but I guess I will set her there, and you know what I attempted to supplement with Zucchini multiple times, and she seems to prefer the diatoms, they must be tasty?! I have been wanting more of them, but the LFS is fresh out, and petco is infested with some sort of parasite, and those are the only places around that have them. I have looked online too, and they seem rather pricey...