How to enhance fish colour?

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    Ritesh Mishra New Member Member

    I have two 2 juvenile carps and 2 adult carps.Its been more than 2 months they are all happy and disease free.I try to keep the water in good condition. Feed them twice with taiyo bloodworms and Optimum pellets.

    Only thing what bothers me is they dont retain their color as they should have .
    I dont know may be i m obsessing or my illusion.

    They are distant koi relatives .
    LFS call them Melina Carp(there no such name i have googled) but resemble orfe fish(U can google).
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    jpm995 Well Known Member Member

    They make flakes labeled as color enhancing [Tetra I think], but live foods seem to work the best for me [tubifex, bloodworms, brine shrimp]. I think Hakari [sp?] is known for high quality food.
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    Blk69 Valued Member Member

    Nothing is better than Sunlight for color. Bring my Goldfish in over the winter and they lose color, very quickly after putting back outdoors (pond) bright colors are back. If sunlight not available suggest useing full spectrum tank lighting.