How to do water changes on basement tank?

Hi everyone. I have a 55 gallon goldfish tank (currently no fish) that I used to drain with a very long python syphon. Long story short I have to move my tank down into a basement where the nearest water faucet is like 2 flights of stairs up, so the water pressure from this faucet is not strong enough to empty the tank with my python syphon. I can fill the tank up, I just can’t empty it. So I thought I could buy a water pump (not sure home many gph I would need) and just stick it in the fish tank and drain the water outside. With this method I would have to...

1) pump water 50 ft horizontally out a back door up a flight of stairs with about a 5ft lift.
2) pump water 25ft horizontally out a window in my basement. This would have maybe a 1ft rise, I will do this if I have too, but would prefer not to as this would require me to remove the screen from the window and is not efficient come winter.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how I could do large water changes on this tank that does not require me carrying buckets up stairs?
no toilet or sink in the basement?

i have a Maxijet 1200 about 300gph i use to pump water from my sump up to the main tank, its a 4' lift.

for water changes, i use a 2nd Maxijet 1200 to pump water out to the backyard, its about 1' lift and about 20' horizontal.

for your option 1 you might want to look for a bigger water pump, maybe 500gph or more to push the water up.

this might help you determine minimum gph for lifting water.
I have several tanks in the basement. Basements have to have a sump pump to prevent the basement from flooding. I purchased a small bar sink and built a little wooden stand to mount it over a drain that leads down into the sump.. The drain from the sink goes down into the drain. When I do water changes, I dump about 2 gallons at a time into the sink and wait for it to drain down into the sump and be pumped into the sewer system.

I have the opposite issue, however. I use remineralized RO water for my water changes. The RO system is in the basement. I have to carry jugs of water up the stairs to do water changes on the tank on the main floor.
I have a basement mini pond on the floor and a 29g on a stand. I don't like to waste water, so I just use gravity to empty them with my water changer, with one end in the shower. I have a 50ft one, and I just cup part where the water comes out and suck the other part to get it started, only takes a few seconds to get the flow going from all the way across the room (over 1000sq. ft. space). Water changes don't take long. I use the sink to refill. We have a french drain with drainage thingies all around, with one about a foot and a half from the tank, so I can empty it there or even directly into the sump in the bathroom.
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