How to dispose of aquarium test kit water

Miss Mouse

HI guys,
I was wondering how to dispose of water in the test tube once it has been tested. Obviously it is full of chemicals...
I was reading one of the leaflets' fine print and it said (regarding the bottle of nitrate tester) that it should be disposed of as hazardous waste in its container. I have always just thrown the water down the drain but am worried about the effect it may have in the long run.
Any ideas?



I never really thought about it I always just washed it out in the drain. Guess I will have to look into it now.


I think as long as you don't physically touch the testing solutions (in liquid tests) and tested water, you should be fine. Unless the particles of the vapor of the solutions are hazardous to health (of which there is no mention on the labels on my tests). I always pour the tested water from the testing tubes into my sink. Then I let tap water run for a few seconds to wash it all away. I never touch the liquid solutions because of (1) the fear they may be hazardous to health and (2) because it says on the labels not to touch them. Like I said, unless there are "hidden" hazards associated with these chemicals, I don't think anything bad should happen to you if you don't touch them.
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Miss Mouse

Thanks for the advice guys I'm always very careful not to touch it and also not to let any get in the tank but it's more the local environment I was worried about...there are always weird things being let into water systems > I don't want these chemicals going in and having an effect on local wildlife... :-\

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