How to disinfect aquarium equipment after dealing with ick

I just went though dealing with ick and I'm wondering how do I disinfect the equipment that was used in the infected tank: nets, hoses, etc. I heard of using bleach solution but was wondering if soaking in tap water would kill any left over ick. What other methods just I use? Thank you!
Bleach will kill almost everything, including your fish, so you have to make sure you clean it out really good afterwards.
Crank the heater up to 86 - 89 degrees and leave it there for two weeks. That should eliminate any Ick problems.
You could toss your nets in the tank during this period. As for the hoses, just drain them & let them dry out.
Flushing hoses and nets in really hot tab water, may be some bleach solution.
If you just let things dry out, the ich will be gone. it can not live without a host fish and it can not survive once you dry up the items.

If you want to use bleach, make sure to dilute with ten times the amount of water. And dont soak anything more the 15 minutes. and rinse super well, and let the items dry out, or add dechlorinator or both.
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