How to convince my husband for another tank

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Heather12404, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Heather12404Valued MemberMember

    Hi Everyone,
    I keep dreaming and planning my big tank...125G tank. My husband has told me a million times = no more tanks!!!
    I think if I got a 125G I would be done because then I would have 3 tanks representing small (10G), medium (29G), and large (125G) freshwater fish. Makes total sense to me.
    So how do I convince my husband to let me get my big tank?
    I'm thinking if I got a part time job at PetSmart that might help...then I would be contributing money to our family instead of spending what he brings home.
    So thoughts, ideas, etc. please.
    I want my oscar tank!!!
  2. e_watson09

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    Bring it home and say you found it on the side of the road?
  3. Dino

    DinoFishlore VIPMember

    Tell him, Santa said it was ok.

  4. Meeps83

    Meeps83Well Known MemberMember

    Convince him that it was his idea :;banaman

  5. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    Are there no fish he is intrested in? Maybe if you promise to fill it with fish he likes?
  6. Jaysee

    JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    It's often easier to ask for forgiveness than approval ;)

    I think the 29 should be your small tank and a 75 should be the medium!
  7. EasyNew MemberMember

    I use this method all the time intact I plan to use it tomorrow and this weekend getting a new discus and 2 new t5 light fixtures. Lol

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  8. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I got so bad I would meet people and get the tanks while he was at work, and have them all setup by the time he got home...depending on his day, sometimes he wouldnt notice right away :rolleyes:
  9. ploopy

    ploopyValued MemberMember

    Tell him you need to have a bigger tank so you can keep the fry in there and raise them up .My wife doesnt have much of a problem with me buying tanks.Right now I am done buying unless I either find a super good deal or wait a year and buy a 200-300 gallon.I agree sell the 10 and have the 29 as your small tank.
  10. jerilovesfrogs

    jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    i usually find pouting to be pretty effective
  11. Forget pouting, offer him hard line merchandise !!!
  12. luke355027355027Well Known MemberMember

    I waited till my mom went on a business trip than bought the tank and got my dad to take it home and set it up while she was gone
  13. Wendy Lubianetsky

    Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    I went out and bought a knew tank today and told me husband, Surprise! And guess what, he forgave me. It was my 6th tank.:;dk
  14. Donnerjay

    DonnerjayWell Known MemberMember

    Oh my, you deceitful Fishloreans!

    Whatever happened to the word, "please"?

    Plus you know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Fix him his favorite meal and after he's done eating, ask him. :)
  15. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    I tell my husband that it's not my fault all fish don't get along. :p

    After a while I had so many set up at one time he hardly noticed the 9th, 10th or 11th.
  16. Donnerjay

    DonnerjayWell Known MemberMember

  17. OP

    Heather12404Valued MemberMember

    Oh you all make me smile. :)
    Once my betta passes away I think the 10G will be my quarantine/hospital tank, but it'll be taken down and in the garage until I need it.
    I'm fine with a 29G and a 125G. I keep looking at tanks, and a 75G sounds pretty sweet...not too big, not too small...just right.
    Probably within 1-2 months after getting my 29G I knew I made a mistake and should have gotten a much bigger tank.
    I know my 29G is massively stocked, but it's awesome. I love it. I have fought hard to get it cycled and I just love it. Fish keeping isn't easy, it's work, but I love the satisfaction I get from a clean tank and happy fish.
    Another issue is where to put the tanks. We recently moved the 10G off of a bookcase that was bowing from the weight. We also moved it in an attempt to make my betta happier...that didn't work. He's still unhappy/depressed or something.
    There's minimal options for places to put tanks in our house. Literally there's 1 spot for the 75G or 125G and that's it. I don't have the space for both a 75G and a 125G.
    I know I want my 2 oscars (a black one and an albino one named: yin and yang) and from what I have read I would need a 125G tank for 2 oscars.
    Still not sure if I can have tankmates in there with them or if it's just the 2 of them and that's it. Ah you see all the dreaming/planning I've been doing!
    I dream about it so much...having some big ol' oscars!
    I'd have fish ranging from tiny endler's to huge cool would that be you know.
    Anyway I appreciate you're input. I'll keep you posted if I manage to get my big dream tank.
  18. Jaysee

    JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Yeah, I would definitely get the 125. I had a HUGE oscar that came with the 90 - it was 14 inches. I really felt it was too big for the tank.

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  19. MikeS29Valued MemberMember

    If you are the same woman he married, then he should have no issue with this. Forget "please," just be yourself. And if three tanks is you, then that's who he married. Just sayin' :;smack
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  20. MD Angels

    MD AngelsWell Known MemberMember

    Hmm.. interesting - that's what my bf says. . .now I'll have to use it!
    Lol! I have done this too! The time I bought 3 bettas instead of 1. He didn't notice for 2 weeks!

    I think you should seriously consider that part time job. I think he would really respect you for earning it yourself. How could he say no to that? Plus you might some good deals working there! To get my 75gallon, I convinced him that maintenance would be easier, and that I would trade in my 2 25s. Maintenance is easier on a larger tank, so its not like I was making anything up.

    However, I currently am faced with the same problem - only I want to trade my 10 for a 20 long - to acomodate the 3 bettas lol!

    Good luck!

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