How To Convince Friend To Get Rid Of His Stock? Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by newbiefishkeeper, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. newbiefishkeeper

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    Hi, I got a friend who set up his cycled 6 gallon tall (imagine turning a 5 gallon sideways) and OVERSTOCKED his tank. He has two common plecos, a molly, 7 guppies and 6 neon tetras. Apparently they have all been surviving for the last couple months or so. Im trying to convince him to remove some of the fish and this will probably be the most I can get out of him. I can get him to remove both the plecos, the molly, and 4-5 of the guppies. Thats it. He most likely will not remove nor change his stock anymore

    How much better will removing these fish listed help the current situation? After removing them, he would be down to 2-3 guppies and 6 neon tetras.
  2. bettaf1sh 7789

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    Just do the best you can. IMO a small school of neons and a couple guppys is SIGNIFICANTLY better than his original stock, so good work there. If you have any larger tanks that you’re not using, you could offer them to him for free. Ideally I like neons in a 20 long or something of similar length because they are so active, but a 10 gal wouldn’t be awful.
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    Vertical tanks stuck I recommend putting 0 fish in it but good job on your current process
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    Get he to rehome as many fish as possible. None of them should really be in such a small tank, but the pleco and molly are the worst off. possible show him you tube video of a full grown common pleco?
    Even one common pleco would outgrow a 55 gallon tank.
  5. Skavatar

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    definitely show him videos, especially the common plecos.

    Petco should be having their $1 per gallon sale very very soon. If he can spare $29, a 29 gallon could hold the rest of stocking. probably add an AquaClear 50 filter.
  6. OP

    newbiefishkeeperValued MemberMember

    Do you know when that sale is going to happen and if its in all petcos? Also he doesnt have the room to store a bigger tank. He lives in a small place and barely had room for the 6 gallon