How to Compare Book Prices

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Just in case you didn't know, there are several websites that allow you to enter a book title or ISBN and it will pull back a comparison of websites (price, availability, etc) that sell that book. I use them all the time (because I have a book problem - love books). I have found that Amazon is usually one of the better ones for new books but it may not have the best price for used books and that's what these sites will show you. Here are two that I've used in the past:



Thanks, just bought two Saltwater books from Amazon. Have to thoroughly research before jumping in.


Have you tried I think that site does a good job of comparing book prices, and ebay is pretty good too... I just bought a book for my mom on bettas from amazon.. but I found a heck of a deal on a cichlid book on ebay for myself... it really just depends on the book you are looking for.


Thanks Mike! Amazon has the cheapest prices ever!

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