How to clean this thing?

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by TylerLovesFish, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. TylerLovesFish

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    So, more problems with the 3 gallon (as expected). It has become cloudy, so I have done 50% water changes every 2 days. It is still cloudy, and I have no way of cleaning the bottom of the tank (I have no vacuum). Any ideas? Can I just take the gravel out and clean it with water?
  2. Reptiguy97

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    You could get a 5 gallon filter. That may work. My 100 gallon turtle tank had the same problem but then I got a Fluval FX5 which is a filter for tanks about 400 gallons but it works great and it keeps my water cristal clear all the time.:)

    Edit: you could also get an under gravel filter for the gravel problem.
  3. jdhef

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    maybe you could spring for a gravel vac, or at least a turkey baster. You could remove the gravel and clean it and but you may lose any bacteria that is living there.
  4. OP

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    I was thinking about taking our 75% of it and cleaning it so there is still bacteria in the remaining 25%