How to clean old Saltwater tank to use as Mystery snail Tank?

  1. Aliceisalive

    Aliceisalive New Member Member

    Hello guys!!!
    I got an awesome deal on two tanks, 55 gallon and 40 gallon. They were put in storage and left for quite some time.... Pretty sure they were used as Saltwater tanks.

    Thing is... I bought them for my Mystery snails who I know are very sensitive to salt.

    Question: How to thoroughly cleanse the tank and all it's parts so that it is safe to use for my snails? I've been reading on here that some people use 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon water to clean everything... and it's been said that fish do okay.. but what about snails? I haven't seen anything posted about cleaning up a saltwater for sensitive Snailies.

    These tanks are pretty grody... How should I go about cleaning out the salt? (Throwing away the substrate) Bleach and water? Vinegar and hot water?

    Please! Opinions and suggestions greatly needed! Thanks :)
  2. rainman

    rainman Well Known Member Member

    I used Vinegar for most everything when prepping a tank. You can purchase a scraper blade for about $2 from hardware stores to get any large buildup off. Best to use virgin equipment, nothing that has been used to clean other things, or used with other chemicals. Good luck! :)