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How to Clean an Old Nano Tank

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How to Clean an Old Nano Tank - How to clean up a dirty tank ready for your new set up

The reason this guide is specifies nano tanks is because it relies on your ability to pick up and manoeuvre the tank. This guide applies to any tank of any size provided you can do this.

What you will need:
- Bleach (I use Tesco brand lemon thick bleach)
- Microfibre cloths
- Glass cleaning solution (EG. Windex)
- White vinegar
- Clean, empty spray bottle
- Razor blade or algae scraper
- Rubber gloves

Note; the easiest location for this method is...
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I know I'm a month late to the game but I only want to add that if it's an acrylic tank, be sure to avoid anything rough (outside or in.) I was cleaning one and a piece of aquarium gravel got between the side of the tank and the ground and put quite the scratch down the side. Also, just make sure anything you use to scrub is acrylic safe. I just used an old acrylic-safe algae pad and bleach on a tank that was covered in dried-on algae. I had to let it soak overnight but it was crystal clear after a good rinsing. EDIT: And no razor blades!

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