How to breed Tiger/Zebra nerite


Hi, I hope someone can help me over here because I search on internet probably not good enough ;D

Now I really want to breed them because this is probably what makes me love all the Invertebrates well most of them

The things I know about how to breed them (only in theory) is that the egges need saltwater and can't hatch in fresh water.
About the both sexes your help isneeded, correct me me if I'm wrong, it takes both sexes for reproduction?
I know I should move in gradually the hatched snails from the saltwater to freshwater and not in once. But what about the egges into saltwater?

Now I need and want to know everything you know about them and how to breed them especially it will help me a lot.
I most say that all this is only for myself to know I did it and to grow this amazing snail and not for selling purposes!


I think you don't need to set a marine tank since a brackish should work well. Freshwater Nerite Snails come from stuaries, as far as I know. So I think if you provide them a low brackish system, say with Specific Gravity of 1.006 your Nerite/Zebra snails may reproduce without problems. If not, they may need higher salinity which means no live plants will be present and you should find a way to feed them (maybe with phyto-plancton?)

I only keep one specimen of Freshwater Nerite snail, one I rescued from the sea. It was attached to a piece of root that obviously came from a nearby river. That snail is 2+ years old and still alive in my Red Shrimp tank.

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Pepetj, (right?)
first thanks I appricate you help since I don't know many people that can help in this issue.

About the way to feed them I didnt think but I can always use food of saltwater Invertebrates of something that is suitable.
The snail you rescued from the sea come from saltwater or from freshwater (you said river and I didn't understand you ).

About the specific gravity of 1.006 you said before, I don't come from this side of saltwater.
I don't have the equipment for that (Floating bar or Raflktomter*).

Did regular salt (cocking) is okay? and lat say for 5L tank how much I sold use?

*Raflktomter I don't know if this is the currect spelling
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Refractometer. lol You would need one to make sure your specific gravity is correct, but they're like $4 at most pet stores.

Regular salt is not okay. You want marine salt, like Instant Ocean. It should have the dosing for specific tank sizes on the bag, but if it doesn't, I'd say just add a little bit at a time until your refractometer gives you a reading for the correct specific gravity.

I think what pepetj is saying about his nerite is that he found it in the ocean on a piece of root that had drifted in from a nearby river (so in essence, the snail went from freshwater, through brackish water, into salt water and is fine). At least that's the way I read it.


you ment at the end "through brackish water, into salt water and is fine..." fresh water because the snail is in the Shrimp tank.

refractometer (sorry about the spelling ) in my stores the blame is on the country is about let say 50$ for second hand 80$ for new (approximately) :/


He found the snail in saltwater, that's what I was saying. Now the snail is back into freshwater.

Have you checked eBay for a refractometer?


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